Closure of Seton College

06 August 2020

I was deeply saddened to hear of the decision to transition Seton College to closure over the coming years. 

Seton College has made an immense contribution to our community, and I have proudly supported the college throughout my time as the Member for Griffith. 

I understand that Brisbane Catholic Education has, over the last two years, looked very closely at how to ensure provision of an inclusive environment and full educational offering to students at the College. I understand that Catholic Education has considered all other options before making this decision.

I have encouraged Catholic Education to consider options that would see the name and the spirit of the College continue into the future, even if it is in some other form.  

This year, Seton College received a reduced number of applications for the Year 7 intake in 2021. It has been determined that it is not possible to provide the full educational experience and curriculum choice to this intake of Year 7 students in 2021.   

All families in this cohort have been supported through the enrolment process on an individual basis. BCE is working with other BCE schools to ensure all students can access a place at another BCE school, if they so choose. 

For those students enrolled at Seton College in the current Years 8 to 11 intakes, Seton College will continue to operate as normal, therefore allowing the majority of students who are learning under the current structure to complete their education at the school and ensure that there is minimal disruption to their education and experience at Seton College. Each student will continue to receive individualised learning and pastoral support.

Those students currently in Year 7 and any family at Seton College who wish to seek a place at a BCE or other school, will be fully supported on a case by case basis to ensure that the wellbeing and learning of the student is carefully monitored and prioritised as the right school is identified and chosen.

I want to thank the Principal, teachers and staff at the school for the wonderful contribution they have made to our community, and the students for their contribution to the life of the College. 

I express my sincere gratitude to the school, and commend their resilience in navigating this difficult time. 

If you would like to reach out to my office, you can call 3397 1647 or email me at [email protected]