Covid information and contacts

28 July 2020

Links to information about covid supports and related matters.

A message from Terri Butler MP:

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. As our communities try to get on top of the most recent outbreak, everyone has been pulling together to do what’s necessary. We have seen some remarkable selflessness and community spirit from locals, and I am really grateful to everyone who has done their part.

This page sets out links to get information about covid supports, vaccination, and covid restrictions. This page is for my constituents in the federal electorate of Griffith, on Brisbane's Southside. 

Community Recovery Hotline

If you have no other means of getting food or essential items, call the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349.

The Community Recovery Hotline is also available to support vulnerable Queenslanders in home quarantine who have no other means of support.


To find out about federal covid support payments please visit the Services Australia website:

To find out about supports available to businesses from the Queensland Labor government please visit their business grants site: 

Alternatively, contact your State MP.

Other supports

There are also other supports in place from non-government community services across the Southside. If you need help finding relevant services, please feel most welcome to get in touch with my office. You can also take a look at the Queensland government's community supports information page:

Getting vaccinated

You can find information about how to get vaccinated here:

Keeping up to date

It's important to keep an eye on the contact tracing (exposure) sites. You can find them here:

Remember if you need up-to-date information about the Queensland covid restrictions, the best source is the Queensland government. You can find out information on the Queensland Health website:

My office operates during lockdowns

If you’re under stress and need help, remember that my office operates remotely during the lockdown. Phone messages and emails are being checked regularly, so please feel most welcome to call on (07) 3397 1674 or email me and my friendly staff via [email protected].

Thank you again, and stay safe.