It's Budget night.

By Terri Butler MP

Tonight, I'll be in the parliament listening closely as the Treasurer gives his Budget speech. But it's not announcements that matter  it's delivery.

Over the course of eight years of federal Budgets, the Liberal National government has shown a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. So Labor will be pressing the government to make good on their promises to Australians.

Labor wants to see the economy recover strongly, and broadly, and in a sustainable way. It's clear that the economic recovery would have been stronger were it not for Scott Morrison's failures on the vaccinations rollout and quarantine.

The Morrison government must step up, start to take some responsibility, and actually deliver on their announcements. And we'll be holding them to account every step of the way.

The Budget Reply

Anthony Albanese will be giving the Budget reply on this Thursday night, the 13th of May. In that speech Anthony will spell out Labor's vision, as the nation's alternative government. Under Labor no-one will be held back, no-one left behind.

Post-Budget virtual debrief

Once the dust has settled after the Budget and Budget Reply, I'll be holding a virtual debrief via Zoom on Thursday 20 May at 6 pm. It's an opportunity to hear directly from me in my capacity as your federal MP.

It's also a chance to ask questions about what the Budget means for our community, and about Labor's vision as the country's alternative government. 

Getting involved in this virtual event is simple: just register your interest by 5 pm, Tuesday, 18 May 2021:

I'll be back in touch with more after the Budget has been handed down. As always if you have any matters you wish to discuss please don't hesitate to contact me.