Petition to ask Brisbane City Council to give Balmoral State High School back their land

By Hon Di Farmer MP

Almost 1000 local residents signed Di Farmer MP’s petition last year asking Brisbane City Council to give back the Balmoral State High School (BSHS) playing field that the Campbell Newman Government had gifted to them in trusteeship.  BSHS is a rapidly growing school, and the land is much needed.

In good faith, the state Palaszczuk Government has tried to negotiate with Brisbane City Council for relinquishment of their trusteeship, so that the land in question can better used for the school. Unfortunately Council is unwilling to voluntarily surrender their trusteeship of the land and is forcing the QLD Government to act.

It is unclear why they would be so unhelpful.

The Government will now seek to revoke Council’s trusteeship under the Land Act to enable the land to be used by the school.  The Department of Education has dealt with few, if any, situations where a trusteeship is revoked without trustee consent, so although we hope the process will take around six months, this projected timeframe could easily blow out.