Southsiders must unite from a distance

03 April 2020

We need to unite as a Southside community in a common purpose, and to do it from a safe distance


Our Southside community is in for a rough time. We confront a health crisis with serious economic consequences for our community and the nation.

But we must remember that we are all in this together.

Australians are desperate for clear information about how to keep their head above water financially and their families healthy and safe.

Now more than ever, we need leadership from the Federal Government. Unemployment lines have been stretching around the block at Centrelink offices. The key federal website to help Australians in need (MyGov), crashed under the foreseeable weight of increased demand. That’s simply not good enough.

But we also need to take action as a community, with our families and our neighbourhoods to protect ourselves and each other.

We need to unite as a Southside community in a common purpose, and to do it from a safe distance.

Social distancing in public, at work and at home it vital. Staying at home as much as is possible and importantly, washing our hands thoroughly and regularly. This is all vital to winning the health war.

Let’s commit to buying only what we need when shopping.  Shop local if you can, many businesses remain open for take away and delivery.  Check in over the phone with your elderly neighbours, friends and family. Help out, where you can safely, those at greater risk and those less fortunate. I have seen such kindness, respect and patience in our community and that’s just what we need in the challenging times ahead.

Facebook: West End Coffee House delivering PA Hospital Staff their first WECH dinner.

As your local representative, I will keep fighting to preserve as many jobs and businesses as possible. Anthony Albanese and Labor are constructively putting forward ideas to the Morrison Government, to cushion the impact of this crisis. Already, we have had a big impact by securing more funds for those impacted by Coronavirus.

The Morrison Government must do more help and protect Australians doing it tough.

As I have spoken with local businesses and families, there is a deep sense of frustration and concern for the future. I will never forget the tears of anguish from business owners and local workers we have spoken to. Many of them so resilient, so tough, but needing a helping hand to get through this crisis.

Quick, clear and consistent communication is so important for our community’s confidence in federal government decision making. This hasn’t happened so far. The Morrison Government must do better for the sake of all Australians. 

We need to support our local health workers who are bravely tackling never before seen challenges and putting themselves in harm’s way. Their jobs are about to get much harder. 

I have seen great strength in our communities. There is a reassuring determination to get through this monumental test of our will. We must do it together.


This opinion piece was originally published in the South East Advertiser on Thursday 2 April 2020.