Angus Taylor Must Go

10 September 2019

The Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor, has admitted to breaching the Statement of Ministerial Standards and should resign or be sacked by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
Mr Taylor has previously claimed that he was representing his constituents when he sought a meeting with Environment Department officials on the environmental listing of the Monaro grasslands in March 2017.
Today in Question Time Labor revealed that Mr Taylor has told ABC Radio he was advocating for himself as a landholder:
MELINDA JAMES: They do say - I mean, you said it has the potential to have a big impact on landholders, one of those landholders being a company that is...

ANGUS TAYLOR: One of the landholders is me. I'm a farmer, so are many, many people in my electorate and many people who'll be listening to your broadcast right now. I mean, look...

MELINDA JAMES: But a big impact on a company that is, one of the directors of which is your brother.

ANGUS TAYLOR: Melinda, this discussion was about the technical aspects of a listing, which had the potential and still has the potential to have a very big impact on farming across the region. I make absolutely no apologies for standing up for farmers in my region. That includes me and other family members. I mean this is, you know, what my job is as a local Member of Parliament. It is my job to stand up for us. If I'm not standing up for my farmers in the Federal Parliament, then who is?

It’s time Mr Morrison took action. It’s time for Mr Taylor to go.
We already know that Mr Taylor failed to declare his joint financial interest in Jam Land Pty Ltd, a company under investigation by his own Department.
We also now know that his own Department holds no record of any advice from Mr Taylor about his interest in Jam Land Pty Ltd.
This new information further confirms that Mr Taylor is in breach of Prime Minister Morrison’s Statement of the Ministerial Standards which make clear ministers must declare any private interests that can give rise to the perception of a conflict of interests.
If you can’t put the interests of Australians ahead of your own personal financial interests, you cannot be a Minister. It’s as simple as that.
After struggling to explain to the Parliament who he was representing when he lobbied the Department that was investigating him, the Minister has finally revealed his constituency of one: Angus Taylor.
Instead of defending his embattled Minister, Mr Morrison chose to shut down debate in the House.
Mr Morrison’s Ministerial Standards says that the Australian people deserve a Government that will act in the best interests of the people they serve.
The only interest that Mr Taylor has proven to serve is his own.