Bushfires are displacing koalas and native wildlife

20 November 2019

Recent bushfires across New South Wales and Queensland are seeing native wildlife being displaced at a concerning rate.

Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water Terri Butler said the growing number of displaced animals, like koalas and sugar-gliders, is putting increased pressure on local wildlife hospitals.

“The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is working overtime to care for our native wildlife,” Ms Butler said.

“We’re seeing animals badly injured and with no home to go to.

“Koalas like Jalu who was found at the top of a burnt out tree in Wardell, NSW, with burnt feet, singed fur and pneumonia.

“I’m asking the community to dig deep and get involved with helping the recovery efforts for these animals – and you can do that by donating to their Go Fund Me online.

Candidate for Currumbin Kaylee Campradt said the hospital was a Gold Coast institution.

“The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital does invaluable work locally.

“As a local, I know how much these local heroes do and their work is vital to our native wildlife.

“We’re committed to supporting the hospital, especially while they’re experiencing such high demand,” Ms Campradt said.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Senior Vet, Dr Michael Pyne said admission numbers were up for the hospital.

“We’re seeing more koalas and native wildlife admitted due to the bushfires,” Mr Pyne said.

“But it’s not just the bushfires – due to the drought, we’re expecting increased demand over the next six to 12 months.

“Animals are dehydrated, they’re hot, and these weather conditions are unprecedented,” Mr Pyne said.

You can donate to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital at www.currumbinwildlifehospital.org.au.