By Terri Butler MP

21 June 2021

Well, this morning we've seen some news that Scott Morrison, in a really desperate ploy, has tried to blame Labor for his own gold standard incompetence in relation to mining approvals.

The fact is that under this government's watch, mining approval delays blew out by 510%. They ended up in a situation where 95% of their key decisions were being made late outside the statutory time frames. 

So it's quite ridiculous to see the government complaining about Labor when it comes to mining approvals. 

The fact is, the government had a statutory review of the environment laws, and they got the report about nine months ago. In that whole time, they haven't been able to provide a response to the report. 

Now they're demanding that Labor support their legislation, which ignores the report. 

In fact, what they've done is they've taken a really good report, set it to one side and just dusted off some legislation and some standards from 2014 - some Abbott-era proposals. 

The government needs to get their own house in order and stop pointing the finger at everyone else for their incompetence.