Environmental laws review a test for the Morrison government

29 October 2019

The Morrison Government must use the opportunity of the EPBC Act review to restore community and industry confidence in its own environmental processes.
The Coalition has reportedly cut environment department funding by almost 40% since it was first elected. It’s no wonder industry is frustrated by the time it takes the Morrison Government to undertake assessments under environmental laws.
There are around 2 million Australians looking for work or more work. They shouldn't have to endure project delays because this tired third-term Government can’t fund and run its own environment department properly.
And with the Government's admission, earlier this year, that it is clueless about whether conservation plans are even being implemented, it's no wonder Australia's scientists are taking out full page ads calling for action.
With scientists saying 17 more Aussie species are likely to become extinct in the next 20 years, and many more having been listed as threatened, the Morrison Government needs to get its act together.
Future generations of Australian kids shouldn't have to learn about Aussie icons like the koala in the history books.