Great Barrier Reef protections must not be watered down

29 October 2019

With Nita Green

The review of the nation's environmental laws, expected to be announced today, must not lead to any watering down of protection for the Great Barrier Reef.
"The Reef is an Aussie icon. It is of central importance to tens of thousands of Australian tourism jobs, and is a World Heritage site that must be preserved for future generations," Terri Butler said.
"The government's review into the EPBC Act, Australia's principal environmental protection law and one of the pieces of legislation covering protection for the Reef, must not be used to water down protection for the Reef," she said.
"The Government's own "Reef Envoy" Warren Entsch, has admitted his job is a PR role," Nita Green said.
"PR won't cut it when it comes to looking after the Reef. Warren Entsch needs to come clean about what role, if any, he intends to play in the review of this legislation as the Reef Envoy.” she said.
"This review is a test for the Morrison government. Will they stand up for the Reef, for jobs, and for Australians? Or will they allow the protection to be watered down?" Terri Butler said.