Josh Frydenberg and Angus Taylor Must Come Clean

20 June 2019

Today’s shocking allegations of misconduct against senior Liberal Government Ministers are an indictment on the Morrison Government.

Media reports today based on FOI documents reveal that the office of the former Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, had canvassed whether he had power to weaken federal protections for critically endangered grasslands after Angus Taylor raised the issue, which was affecting a company he part-owns.

It appears that Angus Taylor breached Ministerial code and met with the environmental department while it was investigating the company to which he has links.

It also appears that Josh Frydenberg’s office sought advice as to whether he had the ministerial powers to weaken grasslands protections in secret, and then sought to conduct a review into agriculture and the EPBC Act, which has since been used to delay decisions recommended for endangered listings.

Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg need to explain to Australians exactly what has occurred.

It is not good enough that Mr Frydenberg was considering deploying ministerial powers to weaken environmental protections in secret, after arranging meetings for his colleague who has a conflict of interest in the matter.

Australians want accountability and transparency.

But instead, they have a government whose senior ministers abide by their own set of rules.

This is not the first time questions have been asked in relation to Angus Taylor’s conduct and potential conflicts of interest.

Australians will not let them get away with it, and neither should Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

It’s imperative that Australians can trust their representatives not to interfere in matters that relate to their personal financial interests.