By Terri Butler MP

The Morrison Government must explain why the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has reportedly been receiving JobKeeper, despite its revenue more than doubling. 

This is the same Foundation that received $444 million in public funds in 2018, without so much as a tender.
Labor has written to the Morrison Government and asked them to explain what stimulus funds the Foundation has received and why the Foundation is alleged to have received JobKeeper.
More money for the Reef is welcomed, but in May this year the Auditor-General told Australians that $285.7 million of that funding remained unspent on Reef conservation
The almost half-a-billion dollar Reef rort has always been on shaky foundations, after it was revealed the tiny, ill-equipped organisation didn’t even ask for the money and was awarded the grant in a dodgy backroom deal without a tender.
To make matters worse the Morrison Government has presided over the Reef while serious warnings, in report after report, have piled up, and three bleaching events have occurred in under five years.
With business and individual incomes being smashed by Scott Morrison’s vaccine and quarantine failure lockdowns, the Prime Minister is refusing to support workers and firms, having wasted billions of dollars of JobKeeper last year on firms with rising earnings.
Scott Morrison’s incompetent and neglectful administration of public money is getting worse by the day.
Scott Morrison must now explain why he sent JobKeeper to the Reef Foundation, which is already struggling to justify their existing management of hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds.
FRIDAY, 30 JULY 2021