By Terri Butler MP

21 April 2022

An Albanese Labor Government will help restore South-East Queensland urban rivers and catchments, including in Ipswich.

A Labor Government will provide at least $11 million from the $200 million Urban Rivers and Catchments Program to support key projects across South-East Queensland.

Of that amount, $3 million will support the work of Ipswich City Council for flood recovery and resilience projects along the Bremer River and its tributaries.

This project will improve water quality, riparian corridor conditions, streambank stability, and enhance the terrestrial and aquatic habitat conditions of the river and its surrounding catchments.

It will also increase resilience of the catchment to flood impacts, access to natural areas and waterways and provide educational opportunities for schools and groups.

Labor’s previously announced $200 million urban rivers and catchments investment will fund projects across the country to restore urban river systems, catchments, and wetlands.

Fixing up waterways and the catchment areas around them will improve water quality, will help improve habitat for animals, and deliver positive outcomes for nature and communities.

Only a Labor Government will restore Australia’s urban rivers and catchments.