Meeting of Environment Ministers is a reminder that this government has no plan for our country

08 November 2019

The tired third-term Morrison Government has no plan for our country and nowhere is that more evident than in environment policy.
It has been more than a month since Scott Morrison lectured the UN general assembly about recycling and said waste exports would be banned from 2020.
In that time, his government’s lack of a recycling plan has already caused this December’s COAG meeting to be cancelled – preventing a whole range of other matters of national significance from being discussed.
Today’s meeting of environment ministers sees the Morrison Government scrambling to fill in the blanks about these policy pronouncements after the fact. It was a case of talk first, think later.
Today’s meeting is also a reminder of the government’s failures to plan for the future more broadly – like their hopelessness when it comes to the national nature strategy, which has been on the backburner since public consultation closed back in March 2018.
This failure has occurred despite growing calls for action on extinctions. Australians are relying on this government to show natural leadership so our grandkids can cuddle Aussie icons like the koala, not have to resort to learning about them only in the history books.