Morrison's climate fictions

27 September 2019

As acting Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy

Australian scientists have come out in force to condemn Scott Morrison’s climate inaction.
After the Prime Minister’s laughable UN speech where he repeatedly fabricated the truth about Australia’s climate change action.
The Prime Minister’s claimed, “plastics in our oceans present more immediate threats.” Professor Abraham, a lead author on the UN IPCC Special Oceans report, said: “Certainly plastic pollution in our oceans is a serious threat. It’s something people can actually see and so I think that makes it seem like a more immediate threat. But we’re already seeing that the oceans are taking a huge hit from climate change.’’
The Prime Minister also said the Great Barrier Reef is “protected under the world’s most comprehensive reef management plans.” Yet  ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies principal research fellow, Andrew Hoey, reminded the Prime Minister that climate change was the single greatest threat to the reef.
The 2019 Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report, issued by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), downgraded the long-term outlook for the Reef’s ecosystem from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’.
The GBRMPA Outlook Report says:

“In 2014, it was seen as an icon under pressure, with continued efforts needed to address key threats. Since then, the Region has further deteriorated and, in 2019, Australia is caring for a changed and less resilient Reef.”
“Climate change is escalating and is the most significant threat to the Region’s long-term outlook."

The Coalition Government did a backroom deal to hand over $444 million in public money for Reef protection to an ill-equipped, small foundation, without tender. The Coalition’s Reef Envoy questioned the science of climate change and coral bleaching.

Morrison Government MP George Christensen denies the science on water quality relating to the Reef, rejects climate science and launched a disgraceful attack on young climate activist Greta Thunberg, placing a red cross over her face on his Facebook page.

This week the Prime Minister has proven that his Government will continue to ignore the serious facts of climate change. Instead he will continue to have climate policy dictated by the hard-right of the Coalition party room who dismiss, deny and mislead on climate change.
The Coalition’s record on climate change speaks for itself:

  • After carbon emissions came down by more than 10 per cent under the last Labor Government they have been rising ever since the Liberals came into power.
  • The Government’s own data shows carbon emissions rising all the way to 2030, missing the Government’s inadequate 26 per cent emission reduction target by 19 per cent.
  • They have no adequate national climate policy, just a rebadged Tony Abbott scheme which will see emissions continue to go up and up and up.