15 October 2019

Reports today confirm that Scott Morrison has been caught out, yet again, telling mistruths to drought ravaged regional communities who are desperate for help.
On Sunday Scott Morrison stood with his Deputy Prime Minister and the former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to announce new dam investments.
The central claim: the Federal Government was taking action to build dam infrastructure by contributing investments on a 50/50 basis with the NSW State Government.
Just 48 hours later and their claim has been blown out of the water. As it turns out, the Federal Government’s contribution is just 25%.
This is yet another example of this Prime Minister being loose with the truth. 
The Prime Minister was given an opportunity to correct the record in Question Time today, but he failed to give a straight answer, preferring to stick with his brazen mistruth.
Labor is calling on Scott Morrison to immediately come clean and apologise about the mistruths he has been telling to drought ravaged regional communities.
The Prime Minister’s drought and water security approach is nothing more than spin and policy on the run.
The Government has had a Drought Summit, a Drought Coordinator, a Drought Envoy and a Drought Taskforce, but our farmers and rural communities are still waiting for a comprehensive and effective policy.
In 2013, the Liberals said they would build 100 dams across Australia. Three terms later and in its seventh year of power, this Government has failed to build a single new dam.
This Government has been quick to make announcements and offer false hope for regional communities who are desperate for action on water security, but they fail to deliver time and time again.
Marketing man Morrison is all spin, no delivery and continually demonstrates that after three terms and in the its seventh year, this Government has no plan for our country.