By Terri Butler MP

27 June 2021

The Nationals have been exposed as hypocrites, yet again, after trying to blow apart the $13 billion Murray-Darling Basin plan last week then sacking the Water portfolio from the Cabinet late today.

The pitfalls of Barnaby Joyce’s policy of payback is plain for all Australians to see. 

The Nationals can’t assert water is critical to farmers and growing agriculture then throw that portfolio out of Cabinet as internal political payback.

Scott Morrison has failed the test of leadership by failing to remove the water portfolio from the Nationals and allowing Australia’s water resources to be demoted, degraded and used as a political football.

John Howard, Malcolm Turnbull and even Tony Abbott supported the Murray-Darling Basin plan.

Now this weak Prime Minister is allowing his Deputy Prime Minister to undermine our key river system for cheap political points. 

Only Labor will stand up for the Murray-Darling Basin and the farmers, communities and economies reliant on its survival.