UN IPCC special oceans report

26 September 2019

With Josh Wilson

The UN IPCC Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere (or frozen areas) in a Changing Climate is a science reality check for the Prime Minister and the members of his climate denying government.
There is no beating around the bush, the IPCC’s findings are confronting and dangerous for Australia’s future, especially our treasured coastline.
Just a few of the projected findings include:

  • Extreme sea level events that used to occur once a century will strike every year on many coasts by 2050 in all scenarios, especially in tropical regions (high confidence).
  • Global-scale glacier mass loss, permafrost thaw, and decline in snow cover and Arctic sea ice extent are projected to continue in the near-term (2031-2050) due to surface air temperature increases (high confidence), with unavoidable consequences for river runoff and local hazards.
  • Over the 21st century, the ocean is projected to transition to unprecedented conditions with increased temperature (virtually certain).
  • Marine heatwaves (very high confidence) and extreme El Nino and La Nina events (medium confidence) are projected to be more frequent.
  • The world's oceans and the ecosystems they support are getting dangerously hot - putting marine biodiversity, fisheries and coastal communities at enormous risk.

This report comes in the week our Prime Minister purposely avoided addressing the UN climate summit in New York, even though he was already in the USA.
It follows David Attenborough shaming the Morrison Government’s lack of climate action saying, “You are the keepers of an extraordinary section of the surface of this planet, including the Barrier Reef, and what you say, what you do, really, really matters.”
As well as Scott Morrison’s Government being described as climate denialist by UN Climate Summit observes.
We even witnessed members of Scott Morrison’s government, including George Christensen, attack 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.
After hundreds of thousands of students, young Australians and businesses rallied for climate action last week the release of this report could, and should, be the wake up call the Morrison Government needs to address their woefully inadequate emissions reduction target and climate change policy.
But going on their past performance, the Morrison Government will continue to dismiss, deny and mislead on climate, confirming they are little more than a bad joke in Australia and on the global stage.