Local Media Releases

Terri's previous local media releases, and media releases from previous shadow ministerial portfolios.

Griffith Community to celebrate Southside heroes at Griffith Australia Day Awards Ceremony

By Terri Butler MP

27 November 2020

Terri Butler MP is recognising Griffith’s unsung local heroes this weekend at the 21st annual Griffith Australia Day Awards ceremony.

Queensland Police must act immediately following Kangaroo Point Incident

By Terri Butler MP

26 October 2020

I have this morning seen footage tweeted by a refugee protest group, in respect of an incident appearing to involve a Queensland Police officer at Kangaroo Point.

612 ABC Brisbane - interview about the Kangaroo Point detention centre

By Terri Butler MP

26 October 2020

REBECCA LEVINGSTON: Terri Butler is the federal member for Griffith. Terri Butler, good morning.

TERRI BUTLER:              Good morning.

LEVINGSTON:                You've just tweeted that you've seen the video footage of the Queensland police officer engagement with the refugee advocate. Can you give me your response to that?

BUTLER:                        Yeah. Look, I just saw the footage on Twitter. I saw that one of the protest groups had tweeted it out and people who have seen it will see that it looks like a very concerning incident. The Queensland Police need to really swiftly investigate it and respond as quickly as possible. Because of course, Australians want to know that the Queensland Police are going to be respecting the fact that people have got a right to protest. And they also want to know that we can trust the hierarchy of the police service, I should say, who investigate when something like this does happen.

Sexist slurs: Greens Party must hold its officials accountable

By Terri Butler MP

10 October 2020

Greens party leader Adam Bandt must hold his party's officials accountable for the sexist slurs levelled at the Hon Jackie Trad MP.

JobSeekers surge on the Southside

By Terri Butler MP

24 September 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen the number of locals relying on unemployment payments increase from 3,947 in December 2019 to more than 9,800 in August 2020 – up by more than 5,800 people or 249 per cent.

Labor calling for an end to the Morrison government's pension freeze

By Terri Butler MP

23 September 2020

This September, for the first time in almost a quarter of a century, pensions will not be increased through indexation.

JobKeeper cuts will hurt more than 27,000 workers on the Southside

By Terri Butler MP

22 September 2020

New numbers reveal that more than 27,000 workers on Brisbane’s Southside could be worse off and more than $24 million will be ripped out of the local economy every fortnight if the Morrison Government goes ahead with its cuts to JobKeeper at the end of September.

When MPs get death threats

By Terri Butler

20 September 2020

An international survey found that more than 44 % of women in politics have been threatened with murder, rape, beatings or abduction.

The week in review: parliament returns for Spring

By Terri Butler MP

30 August 2020

Terri Butler MP looks back at the first week of the Spring sittings as parliament returns.