Anti-Adani protesters' attempt to hijack ANZAC Day

25 April 2018

At around 2.30 am, while preparing for the first of today’s dawn services, my staff noticed that a number of posters bearing the “Stop Adani” logo and my image had been posted around the routes and locations of the Morningside and Bulimba ANZAC marches and services.

I condemn this attempt to hijack ANZAC Day for the purposes of a political protest.

My position on the proposed Adani coal mine is well-known. The posters were misleading, but that is not my primary objection.

ANZAC Day is a solemn occasion on which we honour those who served in the First World War and in all conflicts. We express gratitude to those who fought. We offer consolation to those who lost loved ones. We acknowledge the many veterans and currently serving personnel who bear scars physical and psychological.

To do so, the local sub branches of the RSL with the support of the local elected representatives, including myself, and community volunteers, organise marches, ceremonies and services. The services at Morningside and Bulimba are well-attended.

Attempting to exploit the existence of, and local attendance at, those services, for a political protest, is offensive and wrong.

Most of the posters were able to be removed before the services were held.

Whoever distributed the posters should reflect on the disrespect they have shown on this important national day of remembrance.

WEDNESDAY, 25 April 2018