Asbestos hazard to be fixed in win for Greenslopes community

By Terri Butler MP

After years of lobbying, petitioning and fighting, our community has today had a win in relation to an asbestos hazard and wasted community resource -- the old Red Cross Hall at Greenslopes. 

The Morrison government has finally agreed to fix the asbestos hazard, and to work with the Council to return the Hall to community use.

Member for Griffith Terri Butler said this was a victory for local residents who have engaged in a long-running campaign to protect the community from the hazard posed by this neglected, asbestos-ridden hall.

"This is an historically significant site, located in a quiet suburban area across from a hospital, and it should never have been left to languish," she said. 

"This Commonwealth-owned property has been going to waste for many years. It has a brittle asbestos roof that poses a risk to local kids and families, and our broader community.

"For five years I have mounted petitions, held community meetings, and met with government ministers directly.

"I also have mounted a sustained media campaign, and in recent days I have again spoken to the media about this important issue. In doing so I made the point, once again, that the government needs to get its act together.

"In recognition of the need for action Labor took an election commitment to the 2019 election to fix the Hall. At the time, the government did not match that commitment. 

"This hall served the veteran community. It should have been protected and honoured, not ignored and neglected.

"The government has finally acknowledged the problem and has announced they will work with the local Council to fix it.

"As the local federal MP I will continue to pursue this matter until it has been resolved. The devil will be in the detail and I'll be scrutinising the government's next steps.

"Unfortunately this government has a track record of being all about the photo op, and never about the follow up, so I'll be keeping a close eye on the promises they have made today.

"I congratulate everyone in my local community who attended one of our community meetings at the site, watched and shared my video, signed the petition, wrote to my office, or lobbied the government directly. Today, our community has had a significant win," she said.