Electric car tax cuts, lower electricity prices, and lower emissions

By Terri Butler MP

01 April 2021

Member for Griffith Terri Butler has welcomed the release of Labor’s electric car discount and community battery plan, which will deliver cheaper electric cars, lower taxes, lower electricity prices, and lower emissions.

Under an Albanese Labor government, electric vehicles will be cheaper.

A majority of Australians say they would consider buying an electric model as their next car, but because of scaremongering and the policy vacuum under the Morrison government, electric vehicles remain unaffordable for most Australians. 

Just 0.7 per cent of cars sold in Australia are electric, compared to a global average of 4.2 per cent, and 75 per cent in Norway.

Ms Butler said that Brisbane’s Southside is already at the forefront of electric vehicle growth, with world-leading fast charging technology company Tritium making charging stations right here in the electorate of Griffith and exporting them to the world.

“Southsiders are at the forefront of this revolution. That means jobs, jobs and more jobs as the industry expands and as Labor’s sharp focus on lower prices, lower emissions and cleaner air for local families becomes a reality,” Ms Butler said. 

"Cutting taxes on non-luxury electric vehicles, including import taxes and fringe benefits tax, will give people choice and ensure that more Australians who want electric cars can afford them. 

"Labor's plan will encourage uptake, cutting fuel and transport costs for households and reducing emissions at the same time.  This plan will increase competition, drive down prices and give consumers more choice. 

"An Albanese Labor Government will also develop Australia’s first National Electric Vehicle Strategy. Our plan will encourage Australian manufacturing of EV components, and work to increase local EV car stocks," she said.

Power to the People

An Albanese Labor Government will also deliver Power to the People – the community battery plan to cut power bills, support the grid and reduce emissions. 

Australia is a world leader in rooftop solar thanks to Labor with 1 in 5 households using it. But without battery storage, solar households are still reliant on the grid when the sun isn’t shining. 

Labor’s Power to the People is a $200 million investment to install 400 community batteries across the country. More batteries in more communities.

It will support 100,000 households by storing energy from solar– reducing power bills, reducing demand on the grid at peak times, and cutting emissions. 

Apartment owners and renters benefit too.

Households that can’t install solar (like apartments and renters) can participate by drawing from excess energy stored in community batteries. The technology of the future to cut household bills and emissions is already here, we just need the policy settings to unleash it.   

When it comes to lower power bills and reducing fuel costs for families, Labor is on your side. 

Terri Butler said that’s exactly what an Albanese Labor Government will deliver. 

“Only an Albanese Labor Government can deliver lower power prices, cleaner air, more jobs and lower emissions for Southside families.
“Only Labor is on your side when it comes to reducing power bills and fuel costs for families – that’s why we need a strong voice at the centre of policymaking in an Albanese Labor Government, after the next election,” Ms Butler said.