JobKeeper cuts will hurt more than 27,000 workers on the Southside

By Terri Butler MP

22 September 2020

New numbers reveal that more than 27,000 workers on Brisbane’s Southside could be worse off and more than $24 million will be ripped out of the local economy every fortnight if the Morrison Government goes ahead with its cuts to JobKeeper at the end of September.

With nearly one million Australians unemployed and unemployment expected to increase, it makes no sense for the Morrison Government to be withdrawing support without a comprehensive jobs plan to replace it.
Member for Griffith Terri Butler has warned that Morrison’s planned JobKeeper cuts on 28 September will make the recession worse.
“Scott Morrison should reconsider his cuts to JobKeeper which are coming at the worst possible time for many workers, businesses and communities who are relying on it,” Ms Butler said
From Monday 28 September, cuts and changes to the JobKeeper scheme will see local businesses and workers lose access completely.
The premature withdrawal of JobKeeper support follows the Morrison Government’s decision to exclude millions of workers from the program, including over a million casual workers.  
In recent days, concerns around compliance with JobKeeper’s rules by some businesses have surfaced, with 8,000 tip-offs reported to the Australian Tax Office – many concerning deliberate underpayments of the wage subsidies.
“JobKeeper’s potential to do so much good and help protect Australians in the depths of this recession is being cruelled by Scott Morrison’s botched implantation, poor compliance enforcement, and premature cuts,” Ms Butler said.
“The recession will be deeper, and the unemployment queues will be longer because Scott Morrison is pulling support from the economy too soon and because he doesn’t have a plan for jobs.
“Our community needs and deserves a comprehensive jobs plan to set us up for the recovery and the future.”