By Terri Butler MP and Hon Chris Bowen MP

An Albanese Labor Government will deliver a community battery for Coorparoo, in a win for local residents who have advocated for clean energy storage.

Labor’s Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Chris Bowen MP, announced the initiative with Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water and Federal Member for Griffith, Terri Butler MP in Coorparoo today.  
Households across Brisbane have embraced renewable energy – with more than 1 in 3 households across the city installing solar, including over 1,300 households in Coorparoo.
But only 25 batteries are registered in and around Coorparoo. The high price of household batteries means communities are still struggling to realise the full potential of rooftop solar, and it’s putting more pressure on our electricity grid. 
This commitment will allow local households to feed solar power into the shared battery during the day and draw from it at night – cutting electricity bills and emissions, and reducing pressure on the grid.
Local households who might be unable to install solar, like renters and people living in apartments, will also be able to draw from excess energy stored in the battery. 
Labor’s Power to the People community battery plan invests $200 million to install 400 community batteries across the country. 
It’s part of Labor’s Powering Australia Plan which cuts power bills, reduces emissions and creates jobs by boosting renewable energy.
Labor’s Powering Australia Plan has been backed Australian business and industry and will cut power bills for families and businesses by $275 a year by 2025 compared to today. 
All Scott Morrison knows how to do is play marketing tricks and divide Australians. 
In failing to deliver over 20 energy policies the Liberals and Nationals' only success has been fracturing climate policy and keeping Australian households from the benefits of renewable energy. 
Communities like those across Brisbane and suburbs like Coorparoo deserve better than this tired old Morrison-Joyce Government -- they deserve an Albanese Labor Government that will bring down power prices. 


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