Liberals try to break Backbone of our community

By Terri Butler MP

30 June 2021

Member for Griffith Terri Butler MP said an LNP Brisbane City Council plan for Mowbray Park will break Backbone, a youth arts service that has helped hundreds of young people into employment and is critical to the social and economic fabric of Brisbane.

"In the middle of a pandemic, the LNP wants to knock down community services that help our young people into employment and they want to send them packing," Terri Butler said.
"This is an absolute disgrace," she said.
"Though many Southsiders would say that the East Brisbane Bowls Club building is old and tired, knocking it down and harming a vital youth service in the process is heartless.

"I will fight these moves that would harm Backbone’s capacity to help young Queenslanders.
"The LNP Council needs to explain how our community will have open public space and ensure we keep one of Queensland’s only youth arts services, which helps so many to reach their full potential.
"The LNP Council has previously tried to build residential towers on Mowbray Park and flog it off to developers. They just can’t be trusted with Mowbray Park.
"The Morrison Government cut Backbone’s funding during the pandemic last year, which I fought, now the Liberals in the Council are coming for their income and their home.
"The Liberals have never seen a service they didn’t want to cut.
"Mowbray Park should have space for services that enrich our community.  Knocking them down and hollowing them out with no alternative, is not the answer.
"In February last year, I fought against the Morrison Government’s cuts to Backbones funding in the federal parliament and I will fight this proposal to the end," she said.