More Stuntery from Turnbull, but Where's the funding for Cross River Rail?

12 April 2018

With Graham Perrett MP

The Turnbull government’s $5 billion “commitment” for a rail line, for which Mr Turnbull doesn’t even know the route, is more stuntery from him and his government, while Queensland goes without Cross River Rail money, according to Southside MPs Terri Butler and Graham Perrett.

“Mr Turnbull’s “commitment” of $5 billion to Victoria for a rail line without a route stands in stark contrast to his failure to fund Cross River Rail, a fully-planned and evaluated project in Queensland,” Ms Butler said.

"The Turnbull government has had four years to stand up for Queensland and they have done nothing," Mr Perrett said.

"The Turnbull Government must commit funding to Brisbane's Cross River Rail, which is an essential project to reduce congestion in this growing city," he said.

"This critical infrastructure project will add a much-needed second rail crossing of the Brisbane River in the city's CBD," Ms Butler said.
"The existing Merivale Bridge will reach full capacity in under five years," she said.
"The resulting bottleneck will constrain economic growth in the nation's third largest city," Mr Perrett said.
In 2013 the former Labor Federal Government committed funding to Cross River Rail, after the independent Infrastructure Australia rated it as the nation’s highest priority infrastructure project.
But the incoming Coalition Government cancelled that investment, along with all Commonwealth investment in public transport that was not already under construction.
"It's time the Prime Minister took practical action to support public transport and reduce congestion here on the Southside," Mr Perrett said.