Morrison-Joyce government must act on Aircraft Noise Ombudsman report

By Terri Butler MP

14 October 2021

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s findings reinforce Labor MPs' call for permanent community scrutiny over the Brisbane Airport's operations.

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman has found that Airservices did not engage with affected communities effectively, and did not provide full and complete information. This is simply not good enough. 

Labor MPs have called on the Morrison-Joyce government to establish a strong, independent, permanent Airport Community Forum for Brisbane residents.

I welcomed the temporary advisory forum that has been established to oversee the Airservices Post-Implementation Review. But it's clear that ongoing scrutiny is required. 

In addition, the Morrison government should:

  • heed previous community calls to hold a public meeting with all relevant entities - including Airservices, the Brisbane Airport Corporation, and representatives of the government - to allow residents to ask questions in an open, public way;
  • provide plain English responses to the various community suggestions for noise mitigation; 
  • make sure any gaps in noise monitoring are addressed. In my electorate, that means adding an additional permanent monitor under the new flight paths at an elevated location; and
  • make sure that any changes following the review are in the interests of the community as a whole - including those who have been under the previously existing flight paths and affected by noise for many years.

I will be watching the Post-Implementation Review process carefully. 

Our community needs better monitoring arrangements, and a strong, independent body, free from any perception of industry capture, to advocate directly to the Minister and hold decision-makers, regulators and the airport operator to account. 

We need transparent, permanent, timely and clear data, that is representative of the lived experience of noise for residents in impacted areas, right across my community.

Residents in my community who have been affected by noise, whether from the original runway or the new one, want clarity, action, and a fair go.