By Queensland Federal Labor Team

27 August 2021

Queensland’s Labor Senators and MPs call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to apologise to all Queenslanders after he spent the week bagging our state for his own failures.

Scott Morrison had two jobs this year – to deliver the COVID vaccine rollout and safe, purpose-built quarantine facilities. He has utterly failed at both.

This week, the Prime Minister has:

  • Called Queenslanders ‘cave people’, despite one of the best COVID responses in the country;
  • Blamed Queenslanders for our vaccination numbers, demanding we show a ‘sense of urgency’ after failing to do so himself;
  • Left Queenslanders high and dry on quarantine, leaving it to the Queensland Government to go it alone on the Wellcamp Airport quarantine facility.

To top it off, Queensland LNP Senator Matt Canavan has demanded his government pull Australian Defence Force personnel off the Queensland borders.

Queenslanders should not have to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and their Federal Government.

Queenslanders should not be lectured about the vaccine rollout by a man who delayed and shifted blame, telling Australians that the rollout was ‘not a race’.

Queenslanders should not be blamed by a Prime Minister who has repeatedly shirked his responsibility and left state and territory governments to pick up the pieces.

This is a Government that has treated Queenslanders with contempt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, from telling them they needed to come out from ‘under the doona’ during lockdowns last year, to campaigning with their state counterparts on border restrictions, demanding they be reopened 64 times.

Queenslanders should not be treated with disdain by a Prime Minister who teamed up with Clive Palmer in the High Court to try to jackhammer open Queensland and WA’s borders, in the middle of the pandemic.

Queenslanders have made sacrifices and done everything asked of them. And yet Mr Morrison would rather blame them than do his job.

It’s clear that the Prime Minister doesn’t care about Queensland and he never takes responsibility.

After a year of attacks, it’s time Scott Morrison did his job and got Australia out of his COVID crisis.