Southsiders are being left behind under the Morrison Government

By Terri Butler MP

17 March 2021

Today I voted for Labor's amendment during debate of the Morrison Government's JobSeeker bill.

Labor will not stand in the way of an increase. We know that some increase is better than no increase.

But today's legislation alone will not be enough to fix the problems of poverty and a lack of jobs.

Today in the parliament Labor called on the Morrison Government to:

  • abandon its counterproductive and punitive plans for a dob-in-a-jobseeker hotline that will only make life harder for job seekers and employers by further increasing mutual obligation requirements at a time when unemployment and underemployment is high; 
  • consider allowing people to keep more of their earnings from part-time, casual or seasonal work, to help people move into employment; and
  • do more to support Australians facing poverty and hardship—through adequate payments to those who need them, housing, addressing child poverty, and better health and education services.

JobSeeker is not the only area in which the Morrison Government is leaving people behind.

At the end of this month, Scott Morrison will leave hundreds of thousands of Australians - including thousands of Griffith locals - behind, by ending wage subsidies.

Entire sectors, including tourism and hospitality, will be denied government support and job losses are inevitable.

Scott Morrison has also deliberately excluded 928,000 people aged 35 and over from hiring subsidies, nationally.

Instead of a plan to get Australians back into work, Scott Morrison is leaving people behind to go it alone.