Who is Right, Minister Tehan or the Department?

28 May 2018

Despite the government claiming that there have been remediation works done at the Bulimba Barracks site, the Defence Department has now said no remediation work has been done.

“Since 2015 I have been seeking information about contamination at the Bulimba Barracks site and what is being done to remediate the site,” Terri Butler said.

“The then Minister, Minister Tehan, told me, in writing, twice, that some remediation works had been done at the site, in response to contamination found in 2015,” she said.

But, on 23 May 2018, the Defence Department stated, in answer to a Question on Notice from February 2018:

“Defence has not undertaken any remediation works at Bulimba. In 2015, a Preliminary Site Investigation and Radiological Assessment were carried out at the site at a cost of $75,000.00. Defence does not intend to undertake further remediation on the site.”

“The government must come clean and say who is correct about whether remediation has occurred. Was the Minister correct, or is the Department correct?” Terri Butler said. 

“Locals living near the Bulimba Barracks site deserve answers,” she said.

MONDAY, 28 MAY 2018