Terri's previous speeches, in parliament and at events.

Statement of Thanks and Appreciation

By Terri Butler

30 November 2022

Serving as a Member of Parliament is a privilege and a great responsibility. Having been elected on three occasions, initially at a by-election, and then subsequently at two general elections, I was unsuccessful on the fourth occasion on which I stood. I wish my community well as we face the challenges to come. 

Our aged care system

By Terri Butler MP

20 October 2021

I listened closely to the contribution from the previous speaker, the member for Moncrieff. I thought it was really odd that she started off by complaining that Labor are all doom and gloom. I think anyone who has been paying attention to the question of aged care, particularly in the context of the royal commission, over the past term of parliament would understand the serious challenges and the reasons why, in fact, Labor have been so concerned about aged care and why we have been so consistent in pressing the government to take real action.

Scandalous revelations of government neglect at Greenslopes

By Terri Butler MP

19 October 2021

In August, a batch of documents was released about the Commonwealth-owned former Red Cross Hall site. Those documents show that the Liberal National government has, throughout their entire eight long years in office, ignored calls to act on dangers posed by asbestos, lead paint and pesticides.

Speech on the Brisbane aircraft noise petition

By Terri Butler MP

18 October 2021

Morrison fails Queensland and the nation in the pandemic

By Terri Butler MP, Member for Griffith, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water

01 September 2021

The Prime Minister had two jobs this year: a speedy, effective rollout of the vaccine, and quarantine.

He has botched both, and now Australians are paying the price.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has been trying to strongarm the states to inflict his own inadequacies on them, even scornfully comparing Queenslanders and others to cavemen in a kids' cartoon.

Terri Butler on the climate crisis

By Terri Butler MP

12 August 2021

It's been very disappointing that the government have been dodging, weaving and ducking in trying to avoid all responsibility in climate change as they do with every issue.

Australia needs a better childcare system

By Terri Butler MP

05 August 2021

Australians deserve a better childcare system.

Doubling the number of indigenous rangers to help Close the Gap

By Terri Butler MP

05 August 2021

Today the Closing the Gap report was tabled in this parliament. In a really terrific speech the Leader of the Opposition, Anthony Albanese, made a number of commitments to take real action for Closing the Gap. 

Covid MPI - excuses, excuses from the Morrison government

By Terri Butler MP

05 August 2021

Today what we've heard from the government is excuses and excuses and excuses, attempts to deflect blame and, of course, the Prime Minister's trademark belligerence during question time when he was held up to scrutiny—something he absolutely dislikes, doesn't he? Today, as a nation, we are pretty worried. We've got delta ripping through communities. Just today we've had more announcements of lockdowns in some areas. My heart goes out to those people in Newcastle and around the Hunter who are going into lockdown pretty shortly after we finish this debate today. It's been a very, very difficult time.

Scott Morrison’s vaccine and quarantine failures have caused lockdowns.

By Terri Butler MP

03 August 2021

Australians have been plunged into uncertainty and disruption because of a leaky quarantine system and a slow vaccine rollout. It's certainly the case in my electorate, on the south side of Brisbane, that people are now going through a lockdown, and that lockdown can be laid squarely at the feet of the Prime Minister, who had two jobs this year and has managed to botch both. His two jobs were a speedy, effective rollout of the vaccine and a safe and effective national quarantine system. He has botched both.