Terri's previous speeches, in parliament and at events.

Kangaroo Point APOD: speech in the Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020 debate

By Terri Butler MP

31 August 2020

The Migration Amendment (Prohibiting Items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2020 is a bill that, if passed in its current form, would allow the government to prohibit items such as mobile phones in detention centres. But there's a particular place of detention that I wanted to mention, and that's the one in my electorate, at the Kangaroo Point motel. That motel houses a number of people at the moment and has done now for many, many months. The government decided to establish what they call an 'alternative place of detention' at Kangaroo Point—but it is what most people would think of as a makeshift detention facility in a motel—some time ago. Regrettably, they didn't consult with me before establishing that facility, but nonetheless it's been established in my electorate. There have been a number of people in that APOD, as they call it, for a long time now.

LNP Senator Stoker's comments a matter of great shame

By Terri Butler MP

16 June 2020

Last week, LNP senator from Queensland Amanda Stoker said that the Queensland Premier was 'the knee on the throat of businesses of Queensland, stopping them from breathing'.

COVID-19 - The Liberals can't manage the economy

By Terri Butler MP

12 June 2020

Ms BUTLER (Griffith) (10:17): As at 3 June 2020, data shows that the fires and the initial impacts of the global pandemic have accelerated longstanding economic challenges under the Liberals. It's a litany of bad news, and it shows how out of touch the Prime Minister is to think that somehow our economy is just going to snap back to the way things were before or that he can just turn off the tap without damaging the economy further.

Don't cut Queensland Arts Funding

By Terri Butler MP

13 May 2020

When people think of the arts sector they often think of celebrities. But, of course, 92,000 Queenslanders are directly or indirectly employed in the creative workforce. Data released last week showed that the arts and recreation services have experienced some of the worst job losses during COVID-19. Live Performance Australia estimates the COVID-19 impacts on Queensland's live performance industry over a three-month-ban period would result in the loss of $79 million in ticket sales.

PFAS on Defence sites

By Terri Butler MP

02 May 2020

Ms BUTLER (Griffith) (10:58): by leave—I also rise to speak on this very significant report in relation to an issue of great importance to my community—that is, the presence of PFAS on defence sites.

Environment Restoration Fund rorts - statement to the House

By Terri Butler MP

04 March 2020

This government's never found a public fund that it doesn't want to rort. We've just seen even more evidence of that this week, when we learned exactly what happened with the Environment Restoration Fund. More than two-thirds of the initiatives under that fund went to Liberal or Liberal-target seats. Of course, most of the rest of them went to National or as-yet-unallocated issues. In fact, if you had a look, you'd find only three out of the entire 55 initiatives were exclusively in non-LNP or LNP-target seats.

Constituency Statement - Cavendish Road Level Crossing

By Terri Butler MP

03 March 2020

I'm here to talk about traffic congestion, because traffic congestion is one of the key issues in my electorate and on the south side of Brisbane generally. Everyone in this place knows, because I have told them about it so many times, that the Cavendish Road level crossing is one of the worst traffic snarls on the south side.

Cost of living, traffic congestion, local amenity: speech in the appropriations debate

By Terri Butler MP

03 March 2020

As I said earlier today, and I just want to make the point again, traffic and traffic congestion are a significant problem in my electorate. I want to call on the government to actually put some serious money on the table for the Cavendish Road level crossing outside the Coorparoo train station. As you know, Deputy Speaker McVeigh, we have a situation where there have been so many different funds that have been rorted by this government, and one is the Urban Congestion Fund. Eighty-three per cent of the money in that fund went to Liberal held or Liberal targeted seats—none to my seat. But the people of Coorparoo deserve to have their congestion busted, just as much as anyone does.