Speech on the Brisbane aircraft noise petition

By Terri Butler MP

18 October 2021

Thanks, Mr Deputy Speaker.

This morning, the Petitions Committee tabled a petition circulated in Brisbane calling on the House to free Airservices Australia from regulatory capture, and also to review Malcolm Turnbull's 2007 decision to approve the new Brisbane runway.

For the whole of my time as an MP, aircraft noise has been an issue for many locals, and since mid 2020,
an additional cohort of locals has been affected with the opening of the new runway at Brisbane Airport.

As the local member, I will not be advocating for any changes that leave any locals worse off.

There are a number of things the Morrison Joyce government should do in the interests of everyone in Brisbane. 

Mr Deputy Speaker, firstly, locals have felt blindsided, and have got a lot of questions. The Morrison Joyce government should hold a public meeting involving the relevant regulators, the Brisbane Airport Corporation and a representative from the government to answer questions and avoid any buck passing.

The government should also establish a strong, independent, permanent airport community forum for Brisbane residents.

We need supervision from a well-informed body that is free from regulatory capture.

The government should respond in plain English to the suggestions for noise mitigation advanced by the local community, including the suggestions in the petition tabled today.

And the government should make sure noise monitoring is improved so the community has an accurate measure of noise in all of the affected areas.

Deputy Speaker, this is a really important issue.