Domestic and family violence - the murders of Hannah Clarke and her children: statement to the House

By Terri Butler MP

24 February 2020

Last week's brutal killing of Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey has devastated our southside community. I want to give my condolences—and, I am sure, those on behalf of the House—to Lloyd, to Sue, to Nathaniel and to their entire family, who were so brave at last night's memorial service in Camp Hill.

I also want to pay tribute to all victims and all survivors of violence, including those who are right now afraid for their lives. I want to thank not only the first responders, including neighbours—people with no training, who were good Samaritans—but also the police and the ambos who came onto the scene, and I thank them for being there at last night's memorial, as well as the fireys and the SES, who turned out in massive numbers. So did so many people in our community, because so many people were connected to Hannah and to her kids. Sergeant David Beard, from the PCYC, who worked with Hannah, spoke, and so did her friends Nikki and Lou, and they really gave voice to some of the great loss that our community is feeling. Hannah looked after thousands of kids in her time at the PCYC, my son amongst them, and she was so connected to our community. There's distress. There's devastation. And people want action.

I want to thank the DV service that looked after them—all of the DV services. I want to particularly mention Brisbane Domestic Violence Service. I want to encourage everyone in this House to redouble their efforts to support victims and survivors.