By Terri Butler MP

02 May 2020

Ms BUTLER (Griffith) (10:58): by leave—I also rise to speak on this very significant report in relation to an issue of great importance to my community—that is, the presence of PFAS on defence sites.

Mr Deputy Speaker Mitchell, as you know, the Bulimba Barracks site is in my community. Last year there was an announcement of a preferred purchaser for the site. The sale of the site has been underway ever since, and I anticipate that settlement will be announced soon. But, in the meantime, it's important to note that last year it was revealed that there had been PFAS found on the site.

I met with the minister to raise with her my concerns about the presence of PFAS on the site and to ask that action be taken in relation to remediation on the site. Alongside my colleagues in the state and local spheres, the Hon. Di Farmer MP and Councillor Kara Cook, we have been supporting a petition to ensure that any contaminants found at the site be remediated promptly. I want to make it very clear to this House that we, the local representatives for that particular area, will continue to insist that contaminants be remediated, particularly contaminants of great concern such as PFAS, especially given the proximity of the site to the river and to neighbouring properties. Thanks very much for the opportunity, Mr Deputy Speaker.