Seconding the climate, environment and water chapter of the new ALP national platform

By Terri Butler MP

31 March 2021

Hi delegates. I'm coming to you from Jagera land. It's my absolute honour to second Chapter Three of the platform today thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this chapter: delegates from around the country, affiliates, and LEAN, and so many more. And a special shout out to the Shadow Assistant Minister for the Environment Josh Wilson. 

Thanks also to Anthony's office and National Secretariat for your help in bringing this project to fruition. As we all know, Labor is the party of the environment.

We're the only party in the country that has both the capacity to form government and the will to put conservation at the heart of what we do once we get there. 

You know, I'm so proud of Labor’s environmental legacy.

I'm from Far North Queensland and around there the protection of the Daintree, and the protection of the Great Barrier Reef are such important achievements of previous Labor governments.

But there's been so much more: protecting Kakadu. Creating what was at the time the largest network of marine sanctuaries in the world. Preventing the damming of the Franklin River. Protecting Antarctica. And, of course, the list goes on.

One of the really important reasons why we need to elect an Albanese Labor government is to continue to build on this legacy in environmental protection,and to also show leadership on water in this country.

I hope that you'll find Chapter Three a really good blueprint for that purpose. 

Chapter Three, among many other things, commits us to establishing an Environmental Protection Agency, and to making sure our laws are fit for purpose, and to making sure that there are really strong assurance models in place.

All of these issues are really important for us as a movement.

I really encourage you to read Chapter Three; I commend the chapter to you.