By Terri Butler MP

21 October 2019

The Stones Corner post office is being shut down, and the Liberals and Nationals are just doing nothing to stop it. The Morrison government is abandoning Stones Corner, leaving businesses in the dark and leaving local loyal postal workers without jobs. Shockingly, LNP Senator Stoker and a local LNP councillor petitioned their own government to save the post office—they didn't pick up the phone to their own government colleagues—but, since the government's refusal to step in and save this vital community service, the local LNP have just given up, calling this a win for our community.

On social media the local LNP councillor claimed victory, stating, 'Without you, I doubt we would have got this result.' Well, what result is that? Is it that four long-service local post office workers are losing their jobs without compensation or is it that the stripping of post office boxes from many small and local businesses reliant on its service is going ahead? With friends like the government, who needs enemies?

The only way to protect vital community services in our local community is to vote this mob out. Vote them out of government and vote them out of council. That's why, at the council election in March 2020, I will be supporting Patrick Condren for lord mayor and our local Labor team, a team ready to stop the perks and get to work, a team ready to put residents back at the heart of council.