By Terri Butler MP

07 October 2020

Mr Speaker, you probably remember, as most people here do, the occasion on which One Nation in the Senate moved a motion inspired by a white supremacy slogan, 'It's okay to be white.' You also probably remember that the Liberals and the Nationals ended up voting with One Nation in relation to that motion, which they later apologised for. Perhaps not content with that as an example, the Queensland Liberals and Nationals are going one better by encouraging Queenslanders to vote for parties like One Nation and the Greens ahead of Labor in every single seat at the state election at the end of this year.

A government member: Hear, hear!

Ms BUTLER: I hear a 'hear, hear' from over there. Let's just have a chat about this. They want the chaos of a minority government, of a hung parliament, more than they want stability for our state of Queensland. They would rather have a powerless Greens party crossbencher than an effective Labor government MP in seats like South Brisbane. And why wouldn't they? They would remember the time that the Greens and the Liberals teamed up to defeat the Rudd government's climate action. So why wouldn't they prefer a powerless Greens crossbencher to an effective state Labor MP like Jackie Trad? One Nation is the party that brought us the white supremacy inspired motion in the Senate, the moves to ban the burqa, wearing the burqa into the Senate to support that, and the maiden speech about being swamped by Asians. This is the party that the Liberals and Nationals in Queensland are asking you to vote for ahead of Labor. They ought to be ashamed.