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The Budget

By Terri Butler MP

30 May 2021

Women, quotas and the Liberals

By Terri Butler MP

28 March 2021

The Morrison Government has been in turmoil for weeks following an allegation of sexual violence on the premises at Parliament House. In the sitting fortnight that just ended that gave rose to a question about whether the Liberals and Nationals need to do more to help make sure there are more women in politics. I spoke about this issue in the parliament.

From the Gabba to Canberra

By Terri Butler MP

14 March 2021

With Australian politics focussed on the pandemic, the economy, and sexual violence and sexual harassment issues, the upcoming two sitting weeks will be important.

This week in Australian politics

By Terri Butler MP

14 February 2021

This week in Australian politics: we’re heading back to Canberra, we’ve had the anniversary of the National Apology, and Anthony Albanese has made a major job security speech.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, opposing the pay cut, and more.

By Terri Butler MP

07 February 2021

What happened when Parliament returned?

This week in Australian politics, parliament returns for the year.

By Terri Butler MP

31 January 2021

Lots to talk about this week as parliament returns for the year.

Need a dose of positivity?

By Terri Butler MP

24 January 2021

Australian politics can seem pretty negative so this week here's something different - a does of positivity to restore your faith in people. The Griffith Australia Day Awards recognise volunteers who perform extraordinary or outstanding voluntary work in the Griffith electorate. The former Member for Griffith, the Hon Kevin Rudd AC, established these awards in 2000. They've been announced on Australia Day ever since, though in recent years we have moved the award ceremony to a later date with a view to making sure everyone can feel included. In this video, meet some of our wonderful locals and hear what volunteering means to them.

Great Barrier Reef Update

By Terri Butler

17 January 2021

Terri visits the Great Barrier Reef.