Morrison-Joyce Government dithers on climate as Parliament resumes

By Terri Butler

18 October 2021

Parliament has resumed this week, and all eyes are on the Morrison-Joyce Government to see what they will do in relation to climate change. 

The Liberals and Nationals have had eight years in office, and more than twenty energy policies. The world is now only weeks away from the crucial climate change conference that will be held in Glasgow.

Yet the Morrison-Joyce Government doesn’t know what its climate policy is.

It is clear that our country will not get real action on climate change until we elect a Labor government.

We need a government that believes climate change is real, understands the costs of inaction, and also sees the world’s climate crisis as Australia’s jobs opportunity.

As the shadow minister, Chris Bowen, said last week in an important opinion piece, “we need a government that believes Australia can take its place at the forefront of a new global economy, not try to hold us back from it.”

Parliament will also be dealing with a number of other issues, including, I expect, the Morrison-Joyce Government's failures in the covid response. And, as always, Labor will be holding the Morrison-Joyce Government to account. 

In case you missed it

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