Brian and Margaret Besgrove, 2020

Both Brian and Margaret have put in countless hours of work for the National Servicemen’s RSL Subbranch.

They have worked behind the scenes for the community in Anzac Day, Vietnam Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies at Norman Park. They dealt with the invitations, the rosters, the shade covers, seating arrangements, name tags, permits, wreaths, lunches, busses and printing. Margaret even handed out rosemary from her own garden. Margaret has made the morning teas for the meetings. Brian and Margaret organised the bus trips and lunches to get the branch together on a social basis. Margaret used to run the raffles to raise funds for their Christmas gathering, and writes stories for The Nasho News. Brian and Margaret answered the countless emails and phone calls, attended services, conferences and meetings and have supported the Nasho community with great enthusiasm.

Brian and Margaret have only recently retired from their roles and they both have big shoes to fill.  We thank Brian and Margaret for honouring our returned service men and women so wholeheartedly.