Keith Scaroni, Carina Senior Citizens Club

“Keith Scaroni is a Life Member of Carina Senior Citizens Club Inc. having joined the Club in year 2000. Keith has performed many duties over his 20 plus years of service including opening up the Centre Building on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our members to be welcomed to each days activities. He is our "Handyman " who fixes anything that is broken from chairs, tables, wheel chairs, walkers, clothes racks including items requiring welding. Keith also sets up the hall for indoor bowls and our major fundraising functions. In the past he has organised bus trips away for two or more days. One of his more important roles is to welcome new members to the Club and set up their membership. He is also a whiz on the computer designing all our flyers and advertising brochures for our fundraising events. Keith is a well known entity in our community and at age 89 years he is an inspiration to many of our Senior members."