Sr Belen Agulia, Canossa Kindergarten, 2022 recipient

Sr Belen Agulia is an active member of our local community and 2022 marks 48 years of service at Canossa Kindergarten. Since 1973, Sr Belen has given tirelessly in her various roles as a Teacher, Director and Head of Pastoral Care at Canossa Kindergarten Coorparoo. At last count there were over 6000 local children who have been fortunate enough to benefit from the compassion, kindness and care that Sr Belen provides on a daily basis in our local community. She is proud to have taught local parents and grandparents of current students, which further demonstrates her dedication to our local community. Sr Belen's ongoing influence in our local community, ensures that local families can access quality affordable education for their children in a setting that is not run like a business and instils strong values of empathy, kindness and care which helps children prosper to become active members in our local community. In her current role she supports local families and ensures there is a safe, inclusive and supported environment for children regardless of the adversity they face. Her passion for helping children and their families throughout their formative years has significantly contributed to the fabric of our local Griffith Electorate.